The Physical Game Of Cricket

The physical prowess of any nation is judged from its performance in sports. Cricket is one of such sport which is becoming popular day by day in modern world. The craze for cricket is so high that even professional people such as doctors, engineers, pilots, actors and many more have started playing this game.


According to some sport researchers this game was started around 700 years ago. The written evidences reveal that the first cricket match was played between teams of London and Kent on 18th June 1744. The pattern of game and its rules were different during that time. Wicket was made up of 2 sticks. The cricket bat was designed in similar manner as hockey sticks. Things have somewhat changed in the present day cricket. The dimension of pitch remained same as in olden day cricket, with length of 22 yards and width of 10 feet. However, three sticks are used in wicket and bat is also straight one. Bat is narrower at the point where the batsmen held it by the hand and broader thereafter.

In 1803, cricket was started in Australia. Australian team played 47 matches with England in 1868 of which it won 14 matches, lost another 14 and drew rest 19 matches. The first test match of the world was played between Australian and England team in Melbourne from 15th to 17th march 1877. In the first test match Australia won by 45 runs but in the second one it got defeated.

After this, the system of playing test matches spread all over the world. More than 900 players all over the world have taken part in these test matches in last 100 years. Many have kept world records to their credit inspite of sustaining injuries with ball. Bowlers and batsmen may sustain multiple injuries of soft tissues and even fracture of bones during their play. Despite these, they play the game for their name and fame. Bowlers and batsmen are given special awards to encourage and motivate them in this game.

There are lots of great cricketers in the world. Bradman is one of them who used to be called as run making machine. His centuries number 29. Bradman played 80 innings in 52 test matches from 1928 to 1948. He remained �not out� in 10 innings and made a total of 6996 runs. His highest score was 336. Australia never lost even a single series under his captaincy.

Today lots of people have great fascination for this game that it is even very difficult to obtain tickets. Radio, television broadcast of cricket is really interesting and enjoyed by everybody.