International Cricket

Cricket is a sport played by teams of two groups each consisting of eleven people. Modern forms of cricket originated from England, and the sport is popular in Commonwealth countries. In some countries in South Asia, such as India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, cricket is the most popular sport. Cricket is also an important sport in England and Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the region of Caribbean where the population speak English (called West Indies).

Cricket is a game that uses bat ( "bat") and ball. The purpose of the game is to score more runs (number) than other team. Cricket game can played up to five days and six hours or more each day.


Cricket rated as the most appreciated sport gender equality as members of the team consists of not only men but also women. In addition to respect gender equality, cricket is also quite democratic, because it is not concerned with posture should be tall or short. Cricket rely more on hand and foot skills

Sports that rely on ability to catch and throw ball is played by 11 people in a team.The duration of game is not restricted by time, but use over or displacement.

Cricket matches consisted of three age groups namely, the age group less than 15 years, then less than 17 years and the age group less than age 19 after a senior player International sport is more emphasis on hand and eye coordination, not stamina. This is why cricket is not discriminating, allowing the sexes in a group of team members are men and women. .

Field used oval lawn that does not have a large size field and rectangular field in middle with a length of 20.12 m and 2.64 m wide, called a pitch. Pitch is a hit and had a bowling ball stump planted both ends. Stump the goal is the same as that must be protected by the batsman.

There are five parts in this game are batting (hitting the ball), bowling (removing the ball from top and right hand), Fielding (guard), catching (catch), wicket keeper (keeper stumps), scoring (value collected by the batter) , and the Umpire ( referee).

People who hit the ball called the batsman (batter). A batsman with a bat (wood bat), gloves (gloves), pad (leg protectors), protective sex, and helmet (protective headgear).

First to start the game, two batsman entered the field after a team of guards into field. Both bat standing in front of each stump is located on the pitch. The position of the two opposing hitter. The first batter ready hit the ball second and second bat ready to run to the other stump end and then run back when the ball has not been retrieved by the team Fielding.

When one bat off/out, then replaced by other bat clubs and so on. The off/out bat can not be batting again. Each bat trying to hit the ball as much as possible to collect as much as possible values.

After that, team A and team B switch places. Team B to keep the ball and team A hit the ball. When one team scored higher than any other team, the team is said over winner.

However, if team A hits the ball and the bat off / out before over-determined low, game was over and switch places.