Cricket - Why We Love Cricket

If you want to score more centuries than Sachin has scored, or want to become the fastest bowler of this world, intimating the batsmen with your more than 90 miles per hour deliveries, or you want to wave a spin web around the world’s best batsman, or even want to take a catch that great Jonty Rohdes himself can be envy of. If cricket lives is in your veins, if you eat cricket, think cricket, drink cricket, than you have come to the right place, let’s play free cricket online cricket games with our site.


Cricket game, is know to be the game of the gentleman. An official league [county cricket] was established long back in 1873, first match was officially being played more than 100 year ago. Since than cricket has witnessed emergence of many formats of the game namely test cricket, One Day International, twenty-twenty cricket, six a side, 40-40 and even beach cricket. It is being played in day and night formats, on 22-yard clay pitch, with 22 individual fights for their pride. It is being watched by millions of the game lovers across many countries. The beautiful game of gentlemen has become more popular and more beautiful with the start of new format of cricket.
Stars of the game Sachin, Lara, Pointing, Rahul Dravid, Strauss are being copied be every child, their records are at the figure tips of every youth-every individual, they are the part of every household, know by every one of us; it a dream of every child to live life of these stars. Now you can put yourself into the shoes of these stars, live the game like the way they do, feel the pressure like they do, score runs and take wickets like they do, right here right now on our website, dedicated to cricket.

From 20-20 format to test cricket, from one day internationals to 40-40 formats, live the sprit of the game. Choose your favorite team, select your preferred shirt and become the star you always want to be, right here on your fingertips, lets play online cricket games with us.

Free online cricket games would surely be a great fun for you, you can draw your swards in Ashes Series by becoming the part of England or Australia squad, or get the pride of become the world champion with your favorite team, or you can be part of the most talked IPL; get the feel of the game, with free online cricket games, with our site.