Cricket – A Gentleman's Game

Cricket is the craziest game in the world. Its one of the most popular games in the world. Cricket is game that is spread only in a few countries but its vast popularity is spread all over the world. Cricket was started in the 16 th century and the first international game was played since 1844 and the first Test match cricket in the history of cricket was played in 1877. English are known as the founder of the game. Cricket is a game played with use of ball and bat with eleven players in two teams. One team will be batting and the other will be bowling and fielding respectively.


Cricket is played on the pitch which is 22 yards long and has two sets of stumps on both sides to mark the crease. The batting team will start the game by sending first two of the eleven players to start the batting. In the bowling team all the eleven members will be on the field in which one of them will be on the one side of the pitch to bowl the ball to the batsman. Other 10 players on the bowling side will be fielding. The batting team will hit the ball bowled by the bowler and run between the wickets to score runs. There is a boundary line marked in the ground, if the batsman hits the ball and the ball crosses the boundary line the 4 runs will be awarded to the batsman and the batting team, if the same ball goes over the boundary line the batting team will get six runs. The batsman can get out by various ways like, getting bowled, caught by the fielder, leg before wicket, and stumped by the keeper, run out. Once the innings is over, the other team will bat and has to score one run more than the other team in order to win the game.

Early form of cricket started with test matches that went on for six days with 2 teams batting for twice in the match. Later the format of test match was changed into 5 day matches with 2 teams batting twice in the match. If the match does not produce a result in 5 days then the match will be declared as a draw between both the teams. As days went on, another form of cricket was formed during 1970's known as one day international cricket. In One day matches each team will play 50 over each with same rules as test matches but with only one innings per team. Later in 1975, world cup for cricket was established. In the world all countries that played cricket participated and the champion was crowned. In the twenty first century, the shortest form of the game was developed which is known as the twenty 20 cricket. In this each team played 20 over each with one innings per team. ICC – International Cricket Council is the body governing with cricket. At present there are around 9 test playing nations and 10-12 one day playing nations that are governed under ICC. Lots of cricket games have been developed now a days by EA sports, which are truly realistic with the graphics.

Cricket is a sport played by teams of two groups each consisting of eleven people. Modern forms of cricket originated from England, and the sport is popular in Commonwealth countries. In some countries in South Asia, such as India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, cricket is the most popular sport. Cricket is also an important sport in England and Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the region of Caribbean where the population speak English (called West Indies).

Cricket is a game that uses bat ( "bat") and ball. The purpose of the game is to score more runs (number) than other team. Cricket game can played up to five days and six hours or more each day.