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Indo Pak Cricket Showdown Indo Pak Cricket Showdown

Pakistan and India, these two great cricket nations fight it out on the field. Pick your team and let the battle commence.

Cricket World Cup 2011 Cricket World Cup 2011

Can you prove you and your cricket teams worth on the big stage. Well it does not get bigger then the cricket world Cup does it. Take the other teams on and see if you have what it takes to win the cricket world cup.

Turbo Cricket Turbo Cricket

Get your timing right to hit the ball with your bat, also remember to hit the ball at the right angle. Get past the run score to win the game and become a top batsman but remember to protect your wicket!

Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket

The Australian cricket team have turned into zombies in this bloody ashes battle. You need to bat your way though their players. Inbetween each level you can strengthen your batting or bowling order and remember to take advantage of the special balls on offer.

Ashes Bash Cricket Ashes Bash Cricket

Its back! The ashes are up for grabs again. Time the swing of your bat to hit the ball in the direction you want. Loft the ball over the fielders in this great Ashes cricket game.

Top Spinner Cricket Top Spinner Cricket

Test you skill with the bat. This game is a must for all you budding batsmen. The game uses a really nice ragdoll engine. A very addictive cricket game. A top spinner is a delivery bowled by a bowler either with wrist spin or finger spin.

Flash Cricket 2 Flash Cricket 2

This is a very nice flash cricket game. You have to complete different levels to move on in the game.Your job is to lineup your batsman and hit the ball. You will need different hits to move on in the game so read what you did to do to complete each level.

Bodyline Bodyline

In this cricket game you have to try and injury the batsmen with your bowlers. This game was inspired by the infamous Ashes tour of 1932/33 when England used this tactic to try and combat the brilliant Australian batsman Don Bradman.

Ashes 2 Ashes Ashes 2 Ashes

The Australian cricket team have turned into zombies in this bloody ashes battle. You need to bat your way though their players. Inbetween each level you can strengthen your batting or bowling order and remember to take advantage of the special balls on offer.

Stick Cricket Stick Cricket

Play one of the most well known cricket games in the world. Stick Cricket has always been a favourite for all cricket fans.

Defend The Ashes Defend The Ashes

This is a funny cricket related game. You have to stop the Aussie players from reaching the Urn at all costs. Remember to use the extra weapons in your campaign such as the London taxi to run them over.

Hit And Run Hit And Run

Well this game is called Hit And Run which is exactly what you have to do, so put your pads and helmet on and score as many runs as possible for your cricket team.

World Cricket World Cricket

World cricket has it all. Pick your cricket team then pick your opponents cricket team. Choose how many overs you want to play and then toss a coin and if you win the toss choose if you want to bat or bowl first.

Catches Win Matches Catches Win Matches

As the well known cricket term says catches win matches. Some might argue that its a batsmans game but if you cant keep wicket then you will not win at this game. Test how good you are with the gloves!

Cricket Batsman Cricket Batsman

Pick a score to chase and also the number of overs you want to play. Bat the different balls being bowled at you and chase your chosen target. After every over you will face a new bowler.

Cricketer Premier League Cricketer Premier League

Join the top players from around the world in the Cricket Premier League. See if you can be victorious and win the League.

Smashtastic Smashtastic

Smashtastic Cricket is a quick paced java style cricket game with a RPG feel. You create a batsman and play over six World Cups. Your batsman gains skill by scoring runs and winning cricket matches

Super Sixers Super Sixers

The give away is in the name Super Sixers, Hit as many runs as possible and the more for six the better. So go on and lead your team to victory!

Slog Cricket Slog Cricket

Cricket how it's meant to be played! Move your bat and hit the ball to score runs. Slog your way to fours and sixes to win in this cricket game. Eat your heart out Geoff Boycott!

Test Catch Cricket Test Catch Cricket

In this action cricket game you are the wicker keeper. You need to catch the balls to carry on up the levels. So come on butter fingers, can you get a high score in this game.

Cricket Challenge Cricket Challenge

Cricket Challenge is a great cricket game that lets you play cricket matches in a 3d. Pick whether or not to hook the ball, drive the ball, cut the ball or to pull it.

Top Spinner 20 20 Top Spinner 20 20

The follow up to Top Spinner is Top Spinner 20 20. You can now play as a team of your choice. A cricket game at its best, enjoy.

Dominator Cup Dominator Cup

Be the best cricket team in the world. Get your side to the top of the world and win the cup. Have you got the run rate to win, lets see!

Super Sixers 2 Super Sixers 2

Your team is relying on you, it is all down to you to lead your cricket team to victory and beat the best in the world.

Gully Cricket Gully Cricket

This game is set in the back streets of India. There is not much of a cricket pitch to speak of but the game shows you can have fun with cricket anywhere whether your online or in the street!

Wicket Keeper Volt Wicket Keeping Volt

Test yourself as a wicket keeper. Have you got the reflexes to beat the cricket batsman? Play wicket keeping volt and lets see if you can be a top wicket keeper!

Top Spinner Blitz Top Spinner Blitz

This is the classic Top Spinner game but with a timer, you have to get as many runs as possible in the allowed time. You cannot get out but will lose points if your wicket takes a hit!

Super Fielder Super Fielder

Everybody seems to focus on great cricket batsmen but you need to be good in the field as well to win games. This cricket game lets you test your skills as a cricket fielder. Lets see if you can make that vital run out and knock the bails clean off!

Tabletop Cricket Tabletop Cricket

Australia and England battle it out in this cricket game. The prize is the little Urn. The most celebrated rivalry in international cricket. Can you bring victory to your country, cricket team and fans?

Pixel Cricket Pixel Cricket

This is a really nice retro pixel cricket game which has single player with three levels to enjoy and multiplayer so you can play against real people online.